Writer, editor and consultant based in London, England


Emma Hope Allwood

With years of experience in the hyperspeed world of online publishing, Emma Hope Allwood knows good internet. The digital native has a true understanding of how her generation thinks – the causes they care about, the marketing ploys they see through, and of course, what makes them tap 'like'. 

As Head of Fashion at the pioneering platform Dazed Digital, she attends global fashion weeks, drives all online fashion content and social media strategy, and oversees key commercial partnerships. She has played a key part in the Dazed 100 since its conception, creatively managing and curating the project since 2017.

As well as era-defining artists such as Barbara Kruger and Allen Jones, Allwood has interviewed many of fashion's preeminent taste-makers – including Riccardo Tisci, Christopher Bailey, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Virgil Abloh, and Rick Owens.

Fundamentally, her work explores how fashion today holds a funhouse mirror up to the world we live in: our tragicomic political situation, the chimeric nature of millennial identity, and our increasing prioritisation of 'personal brand' over 'personality'.